1929 Born, London
1932-44 Summerhill School
1944-47 St Martin’s School of Art, London
1947-50 Royal College of Art, London
1950 First Class Diploma and E.Q. Henriques Prize for Drawing, Royal College of Art
1961 John Moores Prize for Sculpture
2012 Died, London


1958 Paintings and Drawings, Woodstock Gallery, London
1960 Paintings by Evelyn Williams, Arthur Jeffress Gallery, London
1972 Evelyn Williams: A Retrospective Exhibition 1945-1972, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
1973 Reliefs and Wax Sculpture, Marjorie Parr Gallery, London
1978 White Work. Wax Sculpture, House Gallery, London
1983 Reliefs, Monika Kinley, London
1984 Evelyn Williams’ Drawings and Reliefs, Riverside Studios, London
1985 Evelyn Williams’ Drawings, Sculptures and Reliefs, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, Leicestershire Museum & Art Gallery and Rochdale Art Gallery
1988 Drawings, Prema Arts Centre, Uley, Gloucestershire
1989 A One Person Show, The Arts Council Gallery, Belfast
1990 Out of the Forest: Works by Evelyn Williams, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield and Chapter, Cardiff
1991 Evelyn Williams: Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures, Cleveland Gallery, Bath
1994 Antinomies: Works by Evelyn Williams, Mead Gallery, University of Warwick (and tour)
1996 Encounters, Manchester City Art Gallery
1997 Milne and Moller, London
2000 New Work, England & Co, London
2005 Latest Work, Agnews, London
2006 Paintings and Drawings, Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff
2008 New Paintings, Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff
2008 Abbott & Holder, London
2010 Milne and Moller, London
2015 The Last Paintings, Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff
2017 Evelyn Williams, Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff


1950 Portraits of Children, Observer exhibition, London
1960 Four-One, South London Art Gallery
1961 First Prize for Sculpture, John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool
1962 New Approaches to the Figure, Arthur Jeffress Gallery, London
1972 The Games Artists Play, Camden Arts Centre, London
1975 Cleveland Drawing Biennale
1975 The Figurative Approach, Fischer Fine Art, London
1978 Sculpture and Reliefs of Contemporary Artists, Artists’ Market, London
1979 House at Home, House Gallery London
1979 Cleveland Drawing Biennale
1980 Women’s Images of Men, ICA, London
1982 Hayward Annual 1982: British Drawing, Hayward Gallery, London
1983-4 What’s New in the Arts Council Collection (touring exhibition of a selection of purchases from 1983-84)
1985 Human Interest, Cornerhouse, Manchester
1986 The Flower Show, City Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent
1987 A Cabinet of Drawings, Gimpel Fils, London
1988 Piranesi’s Prisons, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
1990 On Paper, Albemarle Gallery, London
1992 Breakthrough, Victoria Art Gallery, Bath
1992 Women’s Art New Hall, New Hall, Cambridge